Anti-Aging Supplements...

Below is a list of recommended Anti-Aging supplements


Coenzyme Q10 is an essential component of healthy mitochondrial function. It is incorporated into cells’ Mmitochondria throughout the body where it facilitates and regulates the oxidation of fats and sugars into energy. Aging humans have been found to have over 50% less CoQ10 on average compared to that of young adults.
This finding makes CoQ10 one of the most important nutrients for people over 30 to supplement with. About 95% of cellular energy is produced in the mitochondria. The mitochondria are the cells “energy powerhouses” and many maladies have been referred to as “mitochondria disorders.” A growing body of scientific research links a
Deficiency of CoQ10 to age-related mitochondrial disorders. Ubiquinol from Swanson Vitamins

Acetyl-L-Carnitine Arginate

The amino acid acetyl-L-carnitine (ALCAR) boosts mitochondrial energy production through its ability to facilitate fatty acid transport and oxidation in the cell. Since 1995, Life Extension members have been supplementing with acetyl-L-carnitine and deriving the many benefits this form of carnitine has shown in published studies. With the discovery of acetyl-L-carnitine arginate the benefits of acetyl-L-carnitine can now be greatly augmented. Acetyl-L-Carnitine Arginate is a patented form of carnitine that stimulates the growth of neurites in the brain. Studies show that acetyl-l-carnitine-arginate stimulates the growth of new neurites by an astounding 19.5% (as much as Nerve Growth Factor itself). Acetyl-l-carnitine-arginate acts together with acetyl-l-carnitine to increase neurite outgrowth. Maximum Strength Acetyl-L-Carnitine Arginate from Swanson Vitamins or Walmart Spring Valley Brand of Acetyl-L-Carnitine


Carnosine is a multifunctional dipeptide made up of a chemical combination of the amino acids beta-alanine and L-histidine. It is found both in food and in the human body. Long-lived cells such as nerve cells (neurons) and muscle cells (myocytes)
Contain High levels of carnosine. Muscle levels of carnosine correlate with the maximum life spans of animals. Carnosine levels decline with age. Muscle levels decline 63% from age 10 to age 70, which may account for the normal age-related decline in muscle mass and function. Since carnosine acts as a pH buffer, it can keep on protecting muscle cell membranes from oxidation under the acidic conditions of muscular exertion. Carnosine enables the heart muscle to contract more efficiently through enhancement of calcium response in heart myocytes. Aging causes irreversible damage to the body’s proteins. The underlying mechanism behind
This damage is glycation. A simple definition of glycation is the cross-linking of proteins and sugars to form non-functioning structures in the body. The process of glycation can be superficially seen as unsightly wrinkled skin. Glycation is also an underlying cause of age-related catastrophes including the neurologic, vascular, and eye disorders. Carnosine is a unique dipeptide that interferes with the glycation process. The generally accepted effective dose rate is 50 - 150mg daily! L-Carnosine from Swanson Vitamins

Fish Oil / Krill Oil

Studies on omega-3 fatty acids are so impressive that an agency of the National Institutes of Health published a report stating that fish oil can help reduce deaths from heart disease. The FDA itself states supportive but not conclusive research shows that consumption of EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids may actually reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. There are several mechanisms attributed to fish oil’s beneficial effects. The latest government report cites the triglyceride-lowering effects of fish oil on reducing heart and blood vessel disorders. Another beneficial mechanism of fish oil is to protect healthy blood flow in arteries. EFA Super Krill Oil from Swanson Vitamins

Green Tea Extract

What makes green tea extract such an important nutrient are the large volumes of published scientific findings that validate its multiple biological benefits. The most significant findings involve studies showing that green tea extract helps maintain cellular DNA and membrane structural integrity. Decades of research shows that green tea inhibits the development of undesirable cell colonies. The active constituents in green tea are powerful antioxidants called polyphenols (catechins) and flavonols. Several catechins are present in green tea and account for the bulk of favorable research reports. Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is the most powerful of these catechins. EGCG functions as an antioxidant that is about 25-100 times more potent than vitamins C and E. One cup of green tea may provide 10-40 mg of polyphenols and has antioxidant effects that are greater than a serving of broccoli, spinach, carrots, or strawberries. Theoretically, the high antioxidant activity of green tea makes it beneficial for protecting the body from oxidative damage due to free radicals. Mangosteen Plus from NVI has EGCG or search Swanson Vitamins

Alpha--Lipoic-Acid / ALA

Lipoic Acid is a highly potent antioxidant that counteracts reactive free radicals in the mitochondria, the power plants of cells where energy for all cellular activities is generated. Some scientists believe that mitochondrial free radicals play an important
Role in human aging, and have theorized that extra amounts of free-radical inhibiting compounds such as lipoic acid may be able to help slow aging. Lipoic acid is also effective in recycling other antioxidants such as Vitamin E back into their original form after they detoxify free radicals. There also is evidence that lipoic acid can reduce glycation damage due to excess glucose in the blood, which may be involved in aging. Lipoic acid consists of two different forms (isomers) that have vastly different properties. The “R” formis the biologically active component (native to the body) that is responsible for lipoic acid’s phenomenal antioxidant effect.
The “S” form is produced from chemical manufacture and is not very biologically active. Swanson Brand or Walmart Spring Valley Brand 200-600 mg daily on an empty time to take ALA is between lunch and dinner

L-Alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine (GPC)

L-alpha glycerylphosphoryl-choline (GPC), a byproduct of phosphatidylcholine, and helps to boost acetylcholine. It aids in the synthesis of several brain phospholipids, which increases the availability of acetylcholine in various brain tissues. The GPC form of choline has been shown in studies to help protect against cognitive decline normally seen in aging. Swanson Vitamins search GPC

Nexrutine and 5-Loxin

Nexrutine® and 5-Loxin® are natural plant-based substances which can help inhibit the destructive actions of inflammation-inducing enzymes COX-2 and 5-LOX. Research indicates that these two substances are best taken together for maximum effectiveness. LEF brand 5-loxin and Nexrutine search Swanson Vitamins

Tri-Methyl-Glycine (TMG)

Betaine (especially the Trimethylglycine (TMG) form of Betaine) helps to prevent Cardiovascular Diseases (due to Betaine functioning as a methyl donor which lowers Homocysteine levels). Betaine (especially the Trimethylglycine (TMG) form of Betaine) increases S-Adenosylmethionine (SAM) levels.The preventative dosage of the Trimethylglycine (TMG) form of Betaine commonly Uused by healthy people to prevent Cardiovascular Diseases is 500 mg per day. A dosage of 2,000 - 6,000 mg (2 - 6 grams) per day of the Trimethylglycine (TMG) form of Betaine is commonly recommended for people with pre-existing Cardiovascular Disease...When the Betaine Hydrochloride form of Betaine is used for the correction of Hydrochloric Acid deficiency (Hypochlorhydria), the usual
Dosage is 325 - 800 mg taken with each meal (a total of 975 - 2,400 mg per day). Betaine Hydrochloride alleviates many cases of Heartburn (by increasing the level of Hydrochloric Acid in the Stomach).

SAMe (S-Adenosyl-Methionine)

Key ingredient but also a very expensive one. Only the most elite anti aging supplements have it. If your serious about slowing down and normalizing your aging process make sure your anti aging supplement contain SAMe.

Exceptionally potent antioxidant L-GLUTATHIONE--Grass fed whey protein, Amega DNA product, fresh brocolli sprouts...

Resveratrol (make sure it's in the 'Trans form' and not the cheaper 'Cis' form) Swanson Vitamins search Trans resveratrol


For women and men, increased estrogen levels, apart from affecting sexuality (I.e. Reducing sperm counts), can also lead  to an increased risk of cancer, in particularly from cervical and prostate cancer. For men, the level of one type of estrogen (estradiol)iIs an age-increasing bio-marker. For example, did you know that a 59 year old man can have more estrogen in his body than a 54 year old woman? DIM Formula is designed to balance the estrogens found in your body, increasing "good" estrogens and decreasing "bad" carcinogenic estrogens.