Aging is a social belief and expectation conscious or unconscious that we hold to be fact, for us... and the more we believe this, and talk about it and think about it and notice it, the more evidence is presented to us to support this fact.

The Truth be told...there is NO gene or trigger in our body that causes us to decline, decay, wrinkle and dry up...only a trigger that causes us to mature! This is a scientific Truth...

So then what is causing you to Decline and Decay?

What beliefs and programs are your subscribing to?

How is what you believe today affecting your health and wellness?

Do you feel great or do you ache? 

You are NOT as ill as you think. Your body is far more resilient than you expect.
The modern American adult grows up with several beliefs about health and longevity that are not true. Yet these beliefs are so powerful, they actually cause us to manifest illness and shorten our Life Span.

What did these people believe?

Sam Shoeman, who was diagnosed with end-stage liver cancer in the 1970s and given just months to live. Shoeman duly died in the allotted time frame - yet the autopsy revealed that his doctors had got it wrong. The tumor was tiny and had not spread. "He didn't die from cancer, but from believing he was dying of cancer," says Meador. "If everyone treats you as if you are dying, you buy into it. Everything in your whole being becomes about dying." By Helen Pilcher/ Source: New Scientist

A mum has lost four stone (56 pounds) after being hypnotized into believing she has a gastric stomach band.A therapist convinced Marion Corns, 35, she had had surgery to fit the band by talking her through the procedure while in a trance. Hospital smells were even pumped into the room to boost the effect. Housewife Marion, who has slimmed from 15st 6lb to 11st 7lb, said: "Bizarrely I can even 'remember' being wheeled into theater, the clink of the surgeon's knife and smell of the anaesthetic." By Richard Smith / Source: The Mirror 

Do you believe the power of your mind can heal your body?

Placebo effect is a wonderful presentation of the power of our minds and our belief systems. It proves that our thoughts may actually interact with the brain in a physical way. We have looked through scientific research and found a number of quite interesting data about placebos that have been published in the medical literature.

Placebo effect is often observed in asthma patients - that is, they show an improvement in their condition even when they just think they are being treated.

The placebo effect can last for a long time if the three necessary elements are maintained:

* beliefs and expectations of patients
* beliefs and expectations of doctors
* a good relationship between them

The placebo effect is particularly apparent in illnesses that have a strong psychological component, such as anxiety and depression. Placebo help nearly half of depressed people get better.

A 2002 study of arthroscopic knee surgery found that the outcomes for a placebo procedure were as good as those of the "real" surgery.

The bigger and more dramatic the patient perceives the intervention to be, the bigger the placebo effect. Big pills have more than small pills, injections have more than pills and surgery has the most of all.

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