Anti-Aging Fact... Identical twins are identical in every way, but they age differently.

 Anti-Aging Fact… A famous Harvard University experiment, isolated a group of people in their 70's for 2 weeks in an environment that was in every way like when they were younger. The magazines, the food, the music, the conversations were like when they were younger… and they started to look and act years younger! After returning to their normal environment, their results went away.

 Anti-Aging Fact… As the years go by most of us look older even though every 6 months, every facial skin cell is new.

Anti-aging Fact… Our bodies are renewed through our DNA. Aging occurs because our DNA no longer works like it did when we were young. Dr. Harold S. Burr, Ph.D. professor of Life Sciences at Yale University proved the body has an energy field and he said that the field is a "blueprint" for the developing organism, for example telling it where to place the eyes, the nose and the mouth. He also proved our thoughts can influence the field and that means they can affect the blueprint that determines how well your DNA seems to be working.

Anti-Aging Fact... People who are "into" mind energy, such as Tibetan monks and Chi Gung Masters can look years younger.

What are your beliefs about aging?

Where did you get these beliefs?

Make a list of your beliefs about aging that are serving you well...

Make a list of your beliefs that are not serving your well...

If how we age is a result of our expectation, what is your expectation showing you?

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