Welcome to The Secret To Being Ageless, My name is Karen Kauk, Wellness and "Youngevity" coach, specializing in the field of anti-aging/youthing and being Fit and Fabulous for your next HS or college ReUnion!

 My background in health and fitness as well a having done and continue to do extensive research in the field of anti-aging!

 I was a gymnastics and body building coach and my coaching style was always geared to the individual and their personal and unique strengths and styles! Assisting them to find their perfect ways and "baby steps" to accomplish their goals!

I decided to became a wellness and Youngevity coach because I knew there was a fabulous healthy life after 50...I truly enjoy assisting others to find their perfect path to Vibrant Health and Wellness!

I take no prescription medications, except for bio-identical hormones, because my research has shown that hormonal balance is paramount to maintaining a health fit body after 40...so I know this is possible for others!

I pride myself in being a leading expert in the anti-aging field or "Youngevity" and sharing this information with my clients, subscribers and anyone that asks!

I specializes in Youngevity & Wellness coaching or I call it living your life to the fullest, regaining that youthful zest for life, Uncovering and Mastering The Secrets to looking and feeling years younger...Being dis-ease, medication free and feeling great!!!

My favorite quote is "Life is Supposed to be Fun!"

In your individual unique coaching sessions we will explore together these age defying secrets...your journey will be insightful, FUN, challenging in a good way!!!, you may cry and get mad, laugh at yourself, as you uncover those nagging little "agestacles" that keep tripping you up saying "get Real, your old, deal with it"...

You know how you sometimes look at someone and say, 'gee, they haven't really aged well?" Well, we really do have the power to prevent that- we can do many many things to prevent that kind of "negative" aging, and conversely, we can really increase what I call optimal ageing...

 I realize there are many like you who want to feel good and want something other than more and more tests, medications, and procedures, but don't know any other way, and so keep heading down the same path.

One of the things I've really enjoyed and been especially able to help people with is one-on-one coaching to "see things differently" and start down a totally different path in their health---one that will lead them to a very different outcome.

I have traveled the road "over the hill" and what I was seeing on the other side was not the exciting, carefree vision of the "Golden Years" actually they were far from "Golden"! So I took charge, took action, did research and am now living and sharing those wonderful age-defying Secrets, Joyfully with my clients and subscribers!!!

If you've tried to figure it all out, and put the pieces of the puzzle together on your own with no luck... and now would like someone to give you the "Youngevity" edge, then one of my unique individual programs may be right for you!

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